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By Tara Zandra | March 27, 2010

Today is 82 and sunny and Wed. is supposed to be 62 and rain. How can we fluctuate 20 degrees in 4 days? That’s crazy!

Yesterday was a day of unexpected events. While I was at park talking to a friend, I sensed someone behind me and turned around to see Chris standing there! He took a half day at work and came to park to surprise us. It was a wonderful surprise too. We actually ended up separating from the group and went to sit on a bench together and just talked and enjoyed the sunshine. Well, I enjoyed the sunshine, he sat there in black pants wishing we were in the shade :)

After an hour, one of my friend came up and asked if we’d like to drop the girls off at her house for lunch and play so Chris and I could have some more time together. That was a truly sweet gesture and we really appreciated it! We left park soon after, dropped the girls off, and grabbed lunch at Z Pizza. We then browsed Best Buy and a couple other shops in a leisure manner and then ended up at Wendy’s for Frostys and more talking.

Later that evening as we were finishing up dinner, the phone rang and it was another friend inviting Tabitha to see that new Dragon movie. So they came and picked her up after a bit.

While Tabitha was gone, I actually sewed! I was making real progress when Daisy came in from outside asking me to look at her toe. It looks like she had a blister that got ripped opened on the patio as it was nice and bloody. She was adamently against a band-aid but there wasn’t exactly a choice in the matter. It took both Chris and I and two band-aid attempts to finally get it one her. The only really bad thing about that, because it is fairly minor and will heal, is she may not be able to dance today at a small performance. But it’s still early so we’ll see.

After all that and getting Daisy to bed, Chris and I watched Couples Retreat which was rather cute and funny. It wasn’t the laugh riot that I expected, but it was still entertaining.

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