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reduce, reuse, recycle

By Tara Zandra | March 24, 2010

We had a field trip with our park group today to a recycling center. Tabitha had a good time and Daisy made the best of it, as is her norm. It was too long and too much lecturing for Daisy, but she’s really good about finding something to be positive about. And I did my best to help her out in that way as well.

By the time we got home we didn’t want to do too much of anything. Once Chris got home we decided on Chipotle for dinner. After dinner the girls and I went into the backyard. We’ve been spending a fair amount of evening time there these last few weeks. I’ve been working on all the weeding. Since we don’t use the backyard at all in the winter, we don’t really do anything to maintain it. We let it turn into a natural area that the birds love. But come spring we turn it back into a useful human area :) I’ve got all the weeds that pop up between the cement slabs all pulled and I’ve also cleared two areas in our planter. One spot has some lovely flowers growing that must be a result of our wildflower seeds we planted last year. Nothing grew last year but I’ve never seen these flowers before so I’m guessing that’s where they came from. We received seed paper on our tour today so we’ll plant that in the rest of the planter. Chris is hoping to get to the actual grass area this weekend though I’ve been working on the edges simply because the growth infringed on the patio area.

Chris also worked in the past week on the front yard that is being turned into a natural play area for Daisy. We have two front yards as they are split by the driveway so we’re using the smaller yard. Right now all that’s been done is the herbicide to take care of the weeds. The sprinklers never work right over there so there wasn’t any grass anyway. We do get lovely grass under the tree as it’s shaded and all it needs is rainfall so we’re leaving that as is, I think. Next we need to cover the cleared area with the black weed preventer paper. After that we’ll draw our ideas on there in chalk so we can see a good layout. There are 5 elements total I’d like to incorporate, but we’ll see if we have enough room or not.

I actually got out my sewing machine tonight but all I sewed was a pillow for an American Girl doll and a repair on a stuffed Jelly Belly doll. I’m hoping I can get at least a teeny, tiny bit done on Daisy’s robe tomorrow but I’m not holding my breath because we have a playdate and a Girl Scout meeting.

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