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By Tara Zandra | March 17, 2010

Tabitha went to her callback this evening with an updated list of her conflicts. Turns out the Club 500 Girl Scout event that Tabitha worked her bootie off to be able to attend is on the same day as one of the performances. That’s non-negotiable for the theater. The woman there at least told Tabitha that it was really too bad because she had had a good auditon and then told her to be sure to come back to audition for the next show. Then came the sobs from Tabitha. I wasn’t there but Chris called me and I could hear here sobbing in the background. Thankfully she was better by the time she got home.

On the one hand, it is kind of for the best because it’s a bad time schedule-wise. We have so much going on and there’s quite a bit Tabitha would have had to miss including Easter-Eve with my in-laws and Mother’s Day.

Anyway, she’s fine now and does realize it’s not such a horrible thing. She’s got two months before the next audition. I can’t continue her voice lessons though as they are a little out of my comfort zone in the budget when coupled with the private dance lessons she already takes. Perhaps I can just sign her up for a few lessons in May to help prepare her for the next audition.

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