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climb higher

By Tara Zandra | March 8, 2010


Above are tiny little ’shrooms we saw on our hike today.

We did get out and about and took a horrible hike. Horrible due to lack of signage. Horrible due to overgrown “paths” leading to the constant worry of poison oak. Horrible because it highlighted how unbelievably out of shape I am with the heavy breathing and whatnot (in my defense, both of my children were at least slightly out of breath as well, it was pretty darn steep). Horrible because the campground was so graffitied and destroyed that not only did it dash our hopes of perhaps camping there in the future, but I was actually afraid a tiny bit because it was impossible to know if someone was hiding in the bashed-in concrete building.

On the other hand, I bribed Daisy with playing in the park to not complain during the hike. Darn good thing too since it was really hard. Very steep going up and then more steep going down adding in the overgrown state of the “path” and it was a bit slippery due to the recent rains. Hmm, this paragraph was supposed to be more positive sounding than it is. Oh well.

It wasn’t a long hike in distance, even with the difficulties, it was about 30 minutes up and 45 minutes down. We then went to the park and had lunch where we were stalked by a squirrel. He had no fear of humans and clearly people in the past have fed him. We are vehemently against feeding wild animals so he had no luck with us but that did not stop him from coming back to us again and again. He had both my children on the run who honestly thought they were about to be attacked by the squirrel for their sandwiches. I kept standing up and shooing him away which worked most of the time, but then he came right back over again. Eventually he left for good (once the food was put away) and then we saw the biggest squirrel I have ever seen in my entire life. He was honestly as big as a large rabbit and fat like a groundhog. Clearly he’s been fed more than once by picnicers (boy does that word look wrong) but thankfully he did not come to us.

The rest of the afternoon as spent lazing around and we did skip a dance class. Tomorrow we are skipping another dance class and violin but are not going to Disneyland since there are still two lessons we will be attending tomorrow. Thursday though, we’ll be heading to see our favorite giant mouse.

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