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By Tara Zandra | March 8, 2010

So I was in a bad mood for most of yesterday due to not sleeping well the previous night. Guess what, still didn’t sleep well last night. I even dreamed that a neighbor of mine used the same gardener we do and had the same complaints. I guess I was justifying to myself my desire to let them go and find someone else. Seriously, I could do the crappy job the gardeners do.

Today is cloudy though the sun is starting to peek through. I’m hoping the sun will win because I could sure use it. I’m seriously considering skipping dance and violin this week. I feel the need to be outside, but I hate cold and cloudy so this could be a problem.

Between now and Sunday we have 3 dance classses, 2 voice lessons, 3 booth sales, 1 violin lesson, 1 book club meeting, and 1 park day. Maybe we should chuck what we can and head to Disneyland.

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