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not quite 8am

By Tara Zandra | March 6, 2010

But Daisy did let me sleep until 7:55am so I’ll take it. We had a lovely family breakfast this morning (scrambled eggs, pancakes, and veggie sausage) then we all headed out to another booth sale. Chris and Daisy hung out in the shopping center and she got to ride the quarter machine horses. The first hour of our sale was kind of slow but it realy picked up that second hour. I did all the troop totals tonight and as a troop we’ve now sold 2,200 boxes of cookies. Tabitha’s contribution to that is 652 boxes (so far). At this point we don’t know if she’ll get to 1000 so we’re trying for 750 which will earn her a full set of camping gear (tent, sleeping bag, mess kit, canteen, camp chair, and headlight of all things). We told her if she gets the camping kit then we’ll take her camping. Today’s rains means tomorrow’s hike is off so she’ll probably go around the neighborhood again with her wagon.

Anyway, after the booth sale was done we went to Taco Bell and then stopped in Hallmark to browse. There was the cutest Easter egg that when you push on the top, it plays the hamster dance. I so could not resist this as I love the hamster dance. Turns out, it drives Chris insane so he’s not a happy camper right now. After Hallmark we stopped at the grocery store. I chose dinner tonight by having each family member pick one thing for dinner. Daisy chose soup, Tabitha chose baked potatoes, I picked roasted zuchinni and Chris chose chili, but changed it to Hawaiian bread when he saw that in the store.

We finally made it home and it was raining ever so slightly. A package from Gymboree came today and it included a daisy umbrella so I had told her she could play outside if it rained. So both girls grabbed their umbrellas and had fun while it rained for all of 10 minutes. They spent the next 15 begging the clouds to pour and then then fun came to an abrupt end when Daisy attempted to close her umbrella and pinched her finger instead.

Afterwards it was a warm bath for the little one, a bit of cleaning for the big one and then DS playing, and Chris and I got some rooms in order as they needed it. My living room was looking smaller and smaller do the encroachment of everything that didn’t even belong in there.

And I think that covers it all.

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One Response to “not quite 8am”

  1. Melissa Says:
    March 7th, 2010 at 4:42 am

    a headlight is the BEST thing to have camping (& even not camping). C got one for Christmas and it has been the most used gift. Congrats to Tabitha and her whole troop on doing such a great job!