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avoiding work

By Tara Zandra | March 4, 2010

I owe about 6 emails, need to paint a sign, need to bundle cookies, and need to package cookies for mailing.

Look at me avoid it all!

I’m sitting here shivering and realize that I haven’t really been warm the entire day. I think I’ll grab a blanket to wrap myself in while we watch Survivor.

Talked with Miss Daisy today about our current break from gymnastics; she is not a fan and is upset enough about it that I feel the need to reexamine the situation yet again. I’m trying to find a solution that doesn’t leave me tearing my hair out, but I haven’t found that yet. I wish it could be someone else’s decision instead of it completely resting on my shoulders. At the same time I’m trying to find a workable day camp schedule for Tabitha. She’s only got 2-3 years in day camps before she ages out of them so I’m trying to cram them all in now. She’s also desperately trying to talk me into sleepaway camp. I really don’t want to say yes, but I recognize that my reasons for saying no may be a tad on the irrational side, hence why I’m forcing myself to at least consider it.

The Wee Miss and I also talked about her thoughts and feelings because she’s not the most forthcoming child. I told her how I never know what she wants or needs because she doesn’t express herself. I made sure to let her know that I do not want her to be ignored and that her thoughts are very important. Then she pushed a knife in my heart by saying she feels we don’t have enough family time because I’m either running errands or doing Girl Scouts or because Chris is at work. And just to make sure she twisted the knife a little, she said it with tears in her eyes which is a very big thing for my non-emotional girl. So she decided we’re going to have a family breakfast this weekend which we’ll do Saturday. Also, Chris and Daisy are going to accompany Tabs and I to Saturday’s booth sale since it’s a short one. I told her we have no cookie sales on Sunday so we’ll all do something together that day. Thing is, we need to do a hike for, you guessed it, Girl Scouts. It’s not a troop thing, just something Tabitha needs to plan for working on a badge so it is a family thing, it’s just, Daisy doesn’t like to hike. So I came up with the idea of setting up a scavenger hunt for her for during our hike and I know she’ll like that. I’ll also pack a picnic lunch which she should also enjoy.

She is such an easy kid to parent, but in some ways the very things that make it easy are masquerading and are actually the hard things.

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One Response to “avoiding work”

  1. Vanessa Says:
    March 4th, 2010 at 10:06 pm

    I’m sorry Daisy is feeling upset, but it sounds as if you’re doing everything you can to help her feel better about things. I think it’s great that you’re willing to really listen to her and make changes; not every parent is. *hugs to you both*

    The day camp issue is looming large for me too, although for slightly different reasons. Most of the ones around here are only for kids through age 12, and while I can see why (it’s hard enough to develop a program that meets the various needs of kids in the 6-12-year-old age range, never mind teenagers), I also can’t see myself leaving 13-year-old Gillian at home alone all day, every day, for 10 weeks of summer vacation. She’s still going to need someplace to go while I’m at work, and I have no idea where that’s going to be. It’s two years away and already driving me nuts with worry!