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Month 2 (12 Project)

By Tara Zandra | March 3, 2010


This was taken on the last day Miss Daisy was 4 years old. She doesn’t seem 5 even now. The day before her birthday, she decided to practice her “5 skills.” This apparently included clearing her throat when she misspoke. She had a whole list in her head of these 5 skills but declined to share some of them with anyone who lived in our house. Now that she is 5, none of these skills have stayed on though.

We celebrated Daisy’s birthday for many days starting with the day before her birthday at Disneyland, then an overnight stay at the Disneyland Hotel, with more Disney park fun on her birthday. She also got to go to American Girl Place for lunch in the cafe for the first time. Lastly, she had a birthday party with the theme of Fancy Nancy Tea Party. Daisy is absolutely still our little monkey, but she also adores being a princess.

February was a very busy time with lots of Girl Scout activities for Tabitha. Aside from meetings, she had Thinking Day with her troop representing Greece- a country Tabitha is very into at the moment. She also went ice skating and participated in cookie sales. She managed to get halfway to her 1000 box goal in February and continues to work hard to get the rest of the way there. As I am the troop cookie manager, a lot of my time and energy was taken up by cookies and the same goes for Chris. March shows no signs of being any different.

We did manage to have once nice family outing in February by spending time at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles. We went on Valentine’s Day which seemed fitting as our family is very loving to one another.

The weather was all over the place with many days stuck inside due to rain and other days clear and warm. There were also many days that were in between. The girls managed to get out and play in the front yard as well as a few park outings for the 3 of us while Chris was at work. We’re trying to do that more often as a way to reconnect with the outside world. I feel that part of our life has been lost over the years with less walks being taken and less time being spent in our own yards. My goal in the coming months is to remedy that situation.

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