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5 minutes = over an hour

By Tara Zandra | February 16, 2010

My quick project was anything but- good thing I didn’t wait until any later. I got the one peplos done and now I can learn from my mistakes :) It is easy and the future ones should be much faster but I was having machine issues that lead to frustration which never helps.

I did not sleep well last night for the second night in a row. So I decided caffeine was in order and it wouldn’t be a strictly raw day. Then later I wasn’t thinking and accepted an offer of cheese and when I realized it, I kind of threw in the towel and just ate whatever. Oh well, tomorrow is another day.

Tabitha helped out at a Brownie meeting this afternoon in order to earn her Junior Aide award. She also provided snack which goes towards a requirement of a different badge. We also spent some time talking about her bronze award because what she envisions is rather vague and not quite possible due to her age. Her troop wants to help an animal shelter in some way, but volunteers need to be 12 and they are not. So Tabitha wasn’t feeling good about their project which led to our talk. Thankfully we made some headway and came up with good ideas so she’s feeling much better about it all now.

Then this evening Tabitha had a voice lesson because she wants to do a theater audition next month and it’s for a musical. I know she can act, not sure if she can sing, so we’ll see if she gets anything or not.

Can’t say I’m in the blogging mood very much tonight so I’ll just sign off and waste some time on the web.

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