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another one bites the dust

By Tara Zandra | February 15, 2010

The girls and I went to a mall today and the Hallmark is closing. When we went to a different mall last week, we found the American Greetings closing. Though it was nice to get a good deal on a few Webk!nz, I’d much rather they both stayed open. It’s so depressing to see all the empty businesses.

But other than that, we did have a lovely time. We went after lunch as I told Tabitha I had 4 priorities for her today- working on more thank you notes, violin theory/practice, book club work, and preparing for a meeting tomorrow. She worked in a timely manner so I was able to agree to Daisy’s request to go to a mall with a play area. Tabitha sat with me and did some brain teaser puzzles from a card set I got her this weekend and Daisy played for about half an hour. We browsed Gymboree and got a couple items at the Disney Store before seeing the store closing sign at the Hallmark.

Once home, we had about an hour before Chris took Tabi to dance and then Daisy and I ran to the fabric store for a quick purchase for a Girl Scout project I’m working on. The dinner fairy did not arrive and I was in a downcast mood so we decided to go out to eat at a local Mexican restaurant. It was okay, but not sure it was what I was looking for. Though they do have non-chicken tortilla soup which both Tabitha and I really enjoy so it wasn’t a bad choice by any means.

After dinner and a stop at the grocery store, we came home and the whole family worked to get the living room and dining room back to order. Now they can stay that way. There was too much stuff that had been piling up that didn’t really have a home, like the girls valentines and goody bags and whatnot. It’s really good to be back to normal. It made it possible for me to start my sewing project but since it is beyond quick and easy (literally a 5 minute job, just times 10), I’m putting it off until tomorrow.

Because procrastination always works out for me.

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One Response to “another one bites the dust”

  1. Yo-yo Mama Says:
    February 17th, 2010 at 7:11 pm

    Both the Hallmark stores in our town closed recently. I can see why they are struggling with on-line communications becoming more and more common, but some days, I just like to be able to stop in a small store and picking up a couple of gifts.