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Fabu heart day

By Tara Zandra | February 14, 2010

We had a wonderful day today! First we stopped at Krispy Kreme, which wasn’t that great due to a family that had little desire to control their kids. Two out of three of them fell on me so I’m not just being nitpicky, Thankfully they left soon after we sat down because the only open table was right near them (I wonder why?).

Then it was off to the Natural History Museum! We toured a few of the halls and checked out the gift shop before heading outside to eat at another gourmet truck. It was BBQ, but their online menu said they had a veggie burger, and the sign at the museum said they had veggie options. But all they had was mac and cheese so we said forget and walked to Chipotle instead! We then went to Daisy’s all-time favorite area for some rock climbing. Tabitha climbed rocks for a bit but she spent most of her time among the giant tree roots in her own world. We had wanted to letterbox in the rose garden, but it was closed so we’ll save that for another time. When the rock area was invaded by two other families, we went inside the Science Center and browsed the shop. Daisy picked out another plush germ (Sore Throat), and Tabitha got a jelly fish yo-yo thing. Then we went back to the Museum shop and Tabitha bought a venus flytrap and Daisy got some weird rubbery thing that lights up and makes her happy but I could not even begin to tell you what it is.

We then went to Whole Foods which seemed like a good idea, but took forever to get to and cost about 3x what I was hoping for. I wanted to go there because it’s hard for me to eat raw foods if I’m away from home so I wanted to pick up two pre-packaged raw food entrees for a couple days this week when I’ll be out. $21 for the both of them. Not going to do that again, that’s for sure! I will figure something else out for food on-the-go days.

Since we’ve been home we ate the chips, salsa, and guac that I made last night and then everyone played for a bit. As soon as we get the big kid to bed it’s Amazing Race time!

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