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another Valentine’s party

By Tara Zandra | February 12, 2010

Today was our Valentine’s party with our park group. The weather cooperated by giving us upper 60s instead of dreary and cold. We had 19 kids total who started out decorating bags. Then they passed their Valentines out to everyone’s bags. Next was the potluck, followed by the art show, a scavenger hunt, and then ending with good, old-fashioned run around and play time. The kids had a fabulous time, the mom who organized it all did a fantastic job, and I think everyone enjoyed themselves.

By the time we got home, it was 2:30 so the girls and I did some serious relaxing before Chris got home. After dinner, I took Tabitha to a friend’s house to stay the night and then did the grocery shopping. I went to Target to pick up a couple Valentine gifts for the girls and all the Valentine stuff has been relegated to half of one aisle. Apparently Target has not time for procrastinators- or, you know, busy people who may not have time to buy earlier than 2 days before the holiday! Sheesh! I only ended up with a Valentine Magic 8-ball for Tabi and a Valentine book for Daisy.

Right now I’m working on tea cakes for Daisy’s party tomorrow. It’s a William-Sonoma pan/mold and recipe and so far, I really like! I have a lot to do tomorrow, but for the first time since having parties for my kids, I’m not in the least bit stressed and am actually looking forward to it! Will wonders never cease?

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