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waiting for Tuesday

By Tara Zandra | February 7, 2010

At this point I’m actually looking forward to when Lost is on so I can get Daisy’s pictures up.

Today marked the 5th, and final, day of celebrating Daisy’s birthday. We ended with a trip to the American Girl Place. It was a girls’ day being that it was myself, Daisy, Tabitha, and my MIL. We started off with a nice lunch which culminated with a cake for both girls. I wasn’t initially going to do the cake since I just did it last year for Tabitha’s birthday, but Tabitha really wanted it so I went ahead and ordered it.

After the food, we did a little shopping. As a gift to both girls, my MIL had promised them matching outfits to their dolls. Daisy chose PJs which she is currently wearing to bed and looks quite adorable :) Tabitha chose a dress to match her new doll, Lanie and then just another random Lanie outfit for the doll herself. I had also promised both girls a small accessories set and they each chose pets. Of course, you can never buy just what you go for so my MIL was rather generous with the girls as they both came home with a few more items.

Ideally I’d like to get Tabitha all of Lanie’s stuff over the course of the year. I can do a few things for the Easter basket and then put the rest away for next Christmas. Using the catalog I added it all up and the total isn’t that bad, really. The main thing is the camper which is pricey and huge. The size will be a serious issue and I’m not sure I can talk Chris into it (I’m sure he’s reading this and shaking his head ‘no’). But we’ll see as it would be an excellent Santa gift.

Anyway, once home the three of us relaxed and then had to head out again to pick up Chris who had spent the afternoon with his dad. We then made a quick stop at the grocery store and when we got home I promptly started preparing dinner. I had asked Tabitha what we should have for dinner because my plan was to have her cook it. She chose rice, chili, and strawberries. Since the rice just goes in a steamer and the chili is canned, it seemed pointless to ask her to prepare anything. I’ll try again on Tuesday.

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