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birthday pics

By Tara Zandra | February 2, 2010

I put up Tabitha’s birthday pictures for those that are interested.

She had a really nice birthday last Saturday. We got up very early due to Disneyland opening at 8am and Tabitha insisted on opening her gifts before we went. She was thrilled to receive her new American Girl doll. She immediately proclaimed that both dolls were coming with us to Disneyland.

First stop was the bakery on Main Street for some goodies. Then we got down to the business of going on rides. Tabitha rode Space Mountain twice, Buzz Lightyear, Star Tours (Daisy proclaimed she preferred the one in Disney World though they are both fun. The thing is, they are the exact same ride), Thunder Mountain, and Haunted Mansion. We took a little bit of a time out for pictures in front of the castle area and then went to lunch at the Blue Bayou. This restaurant is located inside the Pirates of the Carribbean attraction so the atmosphere is wonderful. Tabitha had a Monte Cristo while Chris and I had a portabello mushroom dish that was fabulous. Daisy had mac and cheese but ate a bit of my salad and a lot of my mushrooms. Tabi was brought a mousse for dessert.

She then wanted to go into Innoventions. I rarely have a good time in there so I sent the rest of the family and went browsing in every single shop on Main Street. I must say, it was bliss. I looked at so much stuff and daydreamed about potential purchases and reveled in the magic of Disney. I really looked at all the people around me and found so many reasons to smile.

After we all rejoined, we walked through Downtown Disney to get to Little Missmatched sock store. Basically you buy packs of 3 socks and they don’t match, though they coordinate. Tabitha was very excited to shop there, despite the fact that she abhors wearing socks. However, she has proclaimed their extremely comfy and wants to wear them often so there you go. She changed out of her high tops at this point so she could show off a new pair of non-matching socks.

Next was California Adventure. We let the kids play the boardwalk games, rode a couple rides then went into Redwood Creek Challenge Trail. We stayed there for the next hour and then were pretty much done. Oh, we also stopped in the candy store so Tabitha could fill a tube with colored sugar because that was the birthday treat she asked for.

We stopped at Pick Up Stix on the way home (Tabi’s choice) and then finally arrived home after a very long day.

Sunday was party day! We had 17 kids for our craft party. They decorated goodie bags, put together a toy, laced coin pouches, decorated foam gliders, sang happy birthday, decorated cupcakes, watched Tabitha open gifts and then left.

It was exhausting.

The bigger the kids get, the louder they get. Our house was loud non-stop except during the time they were concentrating on lacing the pouches. The good thing is that even though the kids ranged in age from 7-12, they all seemed to enjoy the crafts.

However, we’ve decided that due the loudness and the difficulty in managing two birthdays and two birthday parties in a two week span, next year we’re going to look at renting a room somewhere for Tabitha’s party. Her guest list just keeps growing and it’s hard to fit that many kids into our living room, plus this way, we wouldn’t have the added stress of the making the house 100% perfect. We’ll start thinking about it again in Sept.

So tomorrow starts Daisy’s birthday celebration! Her actual birthday is Thursday, but we’re starting early.

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One Response to “birthday pics”

  1. Marion Says:
    February 3rd, 2010 at 7:16 am

    What a fabulous Birthday celebration!
    Happy Birthday to both your girls!!!

    Love the new doll!!!

    Take care