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Believe it or not!

By Tara Zandra | January 27, 2010

I actually hit my goal. Despite all the up and down of my weight the last 31 days, I actually hit my goal including an extra half-pound (hey, I’ll take it!). So I’ve lost 5 pounds. I know it’s not much, but for awhile there it didn’t look like I’d lose any weight. I reset my goal for another 5 pounds in another month. Except now I probably have to lose 6 pounds because I majorly stressed-ate today when the girls and I walked to McDonald’s and I had their cookies. The girls both had their fruit and yogurt parfaits and we sat and talked while enjoying our treats.

Turns out Tabitha wants a laptop. I told her no at first, but then we talked some more and she gave me her reasons and answered my questions to my satisfaction so now we’re at “it’s something to consider.” I’m mainly concerned about the whole internet and closed doors thing. Currently our desktop is in the dining room and the laptop is used either in the dining room or the living room. But when I asked if I was on the computer and if Chris was on the couch with the laptop, where would she take her laptop and she answered with the table. I do trust her and she knows not to search google without me checking over her shoulder and she is most certainly not allowed to wander YouTube freely. So I guess we’ll need to think about it. It wouldn’t be for quite some time, 6 months or so I’d say.

Tabitha is also really pushing to go to Girl Scout camp. I’d rather buy her 2 laptops! But I promised to consider it upon gathering more information.

Daisy, on the other hand, won’t even go to museum classes this summer because I told her the 5 year olds don’t have parents with them. She’s opting to sit out and would rather go climb rocks. She does dance and gymnastics without me, but I guess those are different in her mind. Probably because she doesn’t remember not going to those classes so it just seems normal. Plus, I am right there, not exactly far away.

I’ll mention them, because Tabitha has an extremely high goal- Girl Scout Cookies. You want them? We’ve got them. Thin Mints, Samoas, Tagalongs, Lemon Creme Chalets, Tagalongs, Do-Si-Dos, Dulce de Leches, and Thank You Berry Munch. Each box is $4. If you’re out of the area, our family will ship them to you for free. We’re also accepting donations for Operation Gratitude, Bob Hope USO, and LA Foodbank. You tell us the number of boxes you want to donate and once they are paid for, our council takes care of the distribution of the boxes. You don’t even need tell us what kind to donate, just a total number of boxes. Oh, and I can accept paypal. Don’t forget, they keep for a year in your freezer and won’t be sold again until next year!

The cookies, btw, are the source of my stress. I’m the troop’s cookie manager and made a boo-boo with my time and have to get something done TODAY! that I haven’t prepared for. I’ve put in motion what needs to be done, but I have to wait for replies to emails in order to continue. My fault for not understanding the timeline properly, but now I’m antsy for those replies. I know it will all workout, but since I’m still worried about pulling off the parties I didn’t need more to worry about.

Alright, I’ll stop complaining and whining now. I’m fully aware it’s all no big deal in the grand scheme of Life :) It will all workout- this I know.

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