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sick baby

By Tara Zandra | January 20, 2010

Daisy is definitely sick. We had to cancel a playdate today and no gymnastics tomorrow. She came out of her bad last night around 10:15, but other than that, she stayed in bed until morning so at least she got some good sleep. Here’s hoping tonight will go just as well.

Tabitha and I got a majorly late start to the day but we still managed to get a lot of lessons in. Though I’m just now realizing neither of us did French. I don’t think I mentioned that Tabitha and I found a French primer when we last went to the book store. I opened it randomly to the middle and found a paragraph to read and we both did pretty good! She really wants the book now, but at that time our arms were already filled with enough books. I wish I knew the name of it though as it might be pretty hard to find. I was so pleased to be able to read in French! Of course, I can read a lot Spanish too, but I can barely speak it and surely do not understand it at all. I’m such a visual learner and barely comprehend the full meaning when people read to me in English let alone is another language! Hopefully the Rosetta Stone program will fix that. If it works for me, I’d really like to get Spanish sometime down the road. I wouldn’t have Tabitha do it unless she really wanted to, it would be more for me to get my comprehension skills past that of a 2 year old, lol.

I used my crockpot tonight and I was a tad disappointed with the meal. Chris liked it, Tabitha thought it was okay, I wasn’t fond of it all. Once again it had potatoes so Daisy had no opinion. She was quite happy with her grilled cheese sandwich and grapes :) The opposite page of the one I was using in the cookbook had a braised tofu recipe so we’ll be trying that in the very near future!

We ate rather early tonight, so after dinner Chris and I played our Pitfall game while one kid or another watched. Then it was workout time for both of us. We use EA Sports Active and there’s a two player mode, we really need to try that sometime. But we can’t then both take a shower because neither shower would have enough hot water then. Unless we showered together, but we’ll save that for a night when the kids are elsewhere ;)

I realized this evening how our days are very settled in a nice rhythm. There are certain things that I do every day right around the same time and I don’t even feel in a rut. It definitely leads to me feeling less stressed which is always my goal. I know I talk about being stressed a lot, but it is really something I need to control. I’m extremely high-strung and get very tied up in knots over anything mildly distressing. Just to give you an idea, my mother used to tell me I’d have a heart attack by 16 if I didn’t calm down. Anyway, one of the things that I think is contributing to my current calm state is my bedroom. When we took the TV, the room brightened up because it was on top of a tall dresser and therefore could block some light. Also, my new dresser is smaller than my old one, and with the new dresser I was able to get rid of my pile of clothes that couldn’t go in the broken dresser. All more space opened up. Plus I did a few other things in there and really, the room just seems more neat and streamlined now. There’s a few more things I want to do to open it up even more. Since I’m in and out of there all day, I think it has a lot to do with my state of mind. I no longer walk in and feel the disruption. Maybe it has to do with Feng Shui, I don’t know.

Well that’s enough rambling tonight. I’m going to spend a few minutes on Webk!nz before Tabitha goes to bed and then settle in with Chris. I think we have Chopped and Ace of Cakes or Modern Family tonight.

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