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building the ark

By Tara Zandra | January 19, 2010

Always fun to watch the wind blow the sheets of rain horizontal. Oh well, better than snow! Better than extreme cold! Better than tornados! Strike that, we actually had tornado warnings today. I didn’t see any here, but there was plenty of lightning and thunder. Thankfully Tuesday is a lite lesson day due to activities so it wasn’t too hard to keep Tabitha reined in. Not to mention it wasn’t a constant rain.

We had dance this morning but I kind of wish Daisy hadn’t gone because this evening it became apparent she has a cold. I hate spreading germs if it’s at all avoidable (vacations are exempt from this rule). On the other hand, I hope her super immune system kicks it into high gear because I would rather she didn’t miss gymnastics this week.

I check yahoo periodically throughout the day for any news that I should know. In general I stay away from the scary stuff and I really don’t read about any local violence. One feature though is 7 easy meals to help people menu plan. They always include a vegetarian dish or two which I appreciate even though I’ve never made one of their recipes. Until tonight that is. It was Beef Goulash Soup though I would call it a stew and also mine was vegetarian. I used Smart Life’s “steak” strips and vegetable broth with a hint of [vegetarian] worstershire sauce to give it more depth. Other than that I followed the recipe and let me tell you, yum :) That one will definitely be made again. I’ll be checking the yahoo recipes more closely in the future.

After dinner we all played charades. Lest you think we’re the Waltons, it was for a Girl Scout badge requirement. I don’t even like charades but I was proud of myself for my candle impersonation.

And now, Miss Tabitha is waiting for me for a couple games before bed. Then it’s White Collar with Chris :)

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One Response to “building the ark”

  1. Mel Says:
    January 19th, 2010 at 11:06 pm

    Yum, that does sound good!!! I am going to try that one. I love variations on ghoulash. I made one not long ago but with sliced veggie sausage links. Your recipe suggestion is timely because I’m sitting here trying to find 5 recipes to shop for tomorrow and not feeling too inspired about anything in particular.