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I wish it only rained at night

By Tara Zandra | January 18, 2010

Because then Tabitha wouldn’t be able to A) talk non-stop about the rain B) constantly run back and forth from the dining room to the living room to see which window had the better view of the rain and C) stare aimlessly at the rain instead of doing lessons.

Don’t get me wrong, I love her exuberance for life. The fact that she can take such joy in nature is part of what makes her, her. I just wish that didn’t make everything else about the day run in slow motion.

Plus, I was pretty annoyed in general at the rain. You see, I have to go out my kitchen door and dash to the garage door to do laundry. The garage is attached, but there isn’t a door directly into the house and that side of the house doesn’t have a cover. Well, it doesn’t have a cover that does any good because it’s slats which just means tons of hard drops falling off of those. At one point the wind was so crazy that the rain was blowing directly sideways and I had to walk into it on my dash back to the house. Eventually I gave up and had to declare the laundry done for the day.

Thankfully, the skies completely cleared up around 3:30 so I was able to run a couple errands while Chris took the girls to dance. Good thing too or dinner would not have been good. Actually, Tabitha and I agreed that the mashed potatoes I made weren’t very good anyway. I made them with red potatoes and added parmesan cheese to them as I mashed. Chris loved them, but neither Tabitha nor I could take more than a few bites. Daisy doesn’t eat potatoes so she didn’t have an opinion.

I realized tonight that I serve myself way too big of portions at dinner. Going with so much less calories during the day makes dinner really sit heavy in my stomach. Tomorrow I’ll start remembering that it’s easy to get seconds if I feel the need. But once too much is on my plate, I tend to eat it even after I’m full. I don’t do that in restaurants though, which I find odd. I rarely finish a plate in a restaurant. Of course, those plates really are huge and we often have an appetizer and I always have a salad. By the time the entree comes, I only need 3 bites for the taste and then I’m done!

I had more to say, but it’s time to watch Chuck with Chris!

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