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not the mentoring type

By Tara Zandra | January 12, 2010

Today I was in a homeschooling conversation and I don’t think I was much help. I can tell you why I homeschool, but if you need advice on how to homeschool, I am apparently not the person to come to. I can’t tell while I’m in a conversation, but after the fact when I’m replaying it in my mind I realize how truly non-helpful I am. I wish I could recognize it and change while I’m speaking but I’m not sure how to do that.

I guess it makes sense that advice is not my forte. I don’t read parenting books or magazines and I very rarely ask for advice for myself. I seek factual answers to questions, but not opinions. I feel bad about not being able to be helpful.

I wasn’t able to extend the amount of raw time today. We weren’t home in the morning so I missed a snack and then I ate too small of a lunch and nothing was sounding good to me so basically I was counting down until 3:00pm because I thought I wanted Tabitha’s leftover Chex Mix. But then at 2:45pm I felt it was ridiculous to wait 15 more minutes and if I wanted the Chex Mix I should just eat it. Turns out it’s not what I wanted at all and I should have just had a pear and cheese. I’ll remember that for tomorrow. But I will say, Curry Walnut Pate was fabulous. I topped cucumber slices with the pate and it was so good. I’ll do the not-tuna pate on Thursday as I’ll be having the rest of the curry walnut tomorrow. There’s a tad too much onion in it so I need to remember to use less next time, but other than that, seriously, I will be making it again.

I feel like it’s the same thing every day right now. I don’t mean my life, just the blog updates. Right now I’m planning two birthday parties (arts and crafts for Tabitha, Fancy Nancy tea party for Daisy) and yard plans and potential vacations all while planning my next purchases for lessons for the girls. So though tons of stuff is going on in my brain, it’s all in the future and I don’t usually write about the future here.

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One Response to “not the mentoring type”

  1. Mel Says:
    January 12th, 2010 at 10:28 pm

    I know what you mean. I’m the same way with advice. I don’t like to give it, and I never ask for it. I prefer to find my own way. And what works for me, or rather US, won’t necessarily apply to anyone else anyway. It’s why we homeschool in the first place, right? To tailor make the experience for our own children and families? So, yah. And at this point in our homeschooling venture I don’t even care what other people do any more and rarely ask unless I am really seeking something very specific. I met a new group of moms today and couldn’t care less what they all do at home with their kids. I wanted to know about them as people, not their methods and materials. Anyway, I’m rambling.