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By Tara Zandra | January 8, 2010

So this morning the damn Wii told me I gained 0.7 pounds since yesterday. It’s lucky I didn’t take a hammer to it’s cute wittle head. Honestly though, I was so depressed I decided to take today off. I didn’t do yoga, I ate an unhealthy breakfast and after we get this last kid to bed, Chris and I are going to break out the BJs*. I also skipped tonight’s workout. Not sure how that works with EA Active. I fully plan to go back to my normal schedule tomorrow with full workouts. Since tomorrow is supposed to be a rest day with EA Active, I’ll see if it will let me do today’s workout instead. If not, I can just do extra on the Wii with running and everything, I suppose.

The rest of my day wasn’t that great either and I’ve been in a bad mood complete with piercing headache behind my right eye for most of the day. Excedrin didn’t even make a dent so I took a drug for nothing.

BTW, have we all gone back to junior high with Facebook? Yesterday with the posting of the bra colors was cute; I didn’t participate because I was wearing boring beige and I didn’t feel like lying or being boring. Today I got a couple messages in my inbox that the girls are supposed to really mess with the guys heads now by saying our current hairstyle. But get this! All the answers make you think of sex! Isn’t that a gas?! I mean, it would be a total OMG moment, wouldn’t it?

Um, yeah, I didn’t choose to post and thankfully most of the women on my list (the ones I don’t block anyway) didn’t post about it either. Guess what? I’m 35, I don’t need to play stupid “let’s get the boys’ attention!” games. Thankyouveddymuch.

So that’s my day. I fully expect this weekend to cooperate and not give me any more crap because I am in no mood.

* Ben and Jerry’s for those with a dirty mind ;)

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One Response to “failure”

  1. Vanessa Says:
    January 9th, 2010 at 6:41 pm

    Could it have something to do with sodium/water retention? I know it has a big effect on me - every time I have an overnight gain like that, I think back and it turns out I ate a lot of salty stuff. Not necessarily chips or popcorn, but things like pickles and olives and pizza. Just a thought.

    Hang in there with the exercise - you’re doing great!