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run, zandra, run!

By Tara Zandra | January 5, 2010

I finally bought myself some lighter weight shoes for working out. I wouldn’t mind doing it barefoot except I can’t run in place barefoot because the tendon in my arches gets stretched and then I limp for a week. Tonight I ran with the lighter shoes and though my feet were lighter, my lower legs are killing me so I’m definitely glad tomorrow is an off day. That’s one thing I like about the EA Sports Active- built in rest days. The Wii Fit expects you to workout every single solitary day and pretty much heckles you if you don’t. Here’s the sad thing though, I’ve been working out faithfully for two weeks doing my yoga and light aerobics in the morning and the intense aerobics in the evening. Two weeks, and I’ve gained a pound. Seriously sad face on me :( But working out is healthier than not working out so I have no intention of quitting.

I looked through my new cookbooks today, though I guess a raw foods book can’t be called a “cookbook” per se. The crock-pot one doesn’t look quite as fabulous as I would have liked mainly because there aren’t enough entrees. I’m not interested in using my crock-pot for a side dish or a dessert, just entrees. Also, many of the recipes are used in a 4qt crock-pot and I know mine is larger than that. I’m sure it will work though and have the first recipe from the book slated for this Friday.

As for the raw foods book, it certainly looks interesting. I want to finish reading through it and then figure out a menu for me for next week. There’s an appliance I’d like to get called a vegetable spiral slicer because it will make zuchinni into spaghetti like strands. Tabitha is interested in testing the recipes as well and I’m sure Chris would like them on the weekends. Daisy will probably be pass, but she’s 4 so that’s to be expected :)

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