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waste of time

By Tara Zandra | January 4, 2010

I feel like a wasted a good portion of my day on a Nicholas Sparks book. I always read his books with trepidation because you never know when you’ll need to bust out the hankies. But I was assured this one wasn’t like that- and it wasn’t. Maybe that’s what was wrong with it, I don’t know. I predicted the ending around the 4th chapter but figured the journey would be interesting. Basically it was a nice little love story but it seriously petered out at the end and felt very unsatisfactory. Looking over the amazon.com reviews for “True Believer,” I see my thoughts are not unique and it only garners 3 stars.

Despite the couple of hours wasted on the book though, life was back to normal today. Lessons started up again and they went very smoothly. Almost all classes start back this week as well so Tabitha had dance today. She was happy to get back and counting down the hours today until we could leave. I realize now as I think back over the day that she did violin theory but never actually practiced the violin. That’s 3 days in a row which isn’t good.

After dinner the girls put on a puppet show for us which was amusing. I love when they decide to do things like that. They’re like a little stereotype of loving siblings. My sister and I are so far apart in age that we never did things like that so I assumed that kind of thing was only in books and tv shows, but I guess not :)

I got two new cookbooks this week. One is a vegetarian crock-pot cookbook, and the other is raw foods. I’d like to do a raw food meal for lunch every day but haven’t found a good source of recipes on the web. I plan to peruse both books during morning dance classes tomorrow so I can get started planning some menus.

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