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so far so good

By Tara Zandra | January 2, 2010

We had an excellent New Year’s Eve. We had loads of good food, tons of fun singing songs, and then it was time for noisemakers and confetti blasters. We usually do the ball drop at East Coast time, but this year we just kept playing until the kids got tired. So I think our “midnight” was around 10:30pm. Not sure because we covered and/or hid the clocks. Though Tabitha got wise to us this year. She kept questioning how it could be midnight when it was only 10pm a few minutes previously and she wanted to know where the clocks were. I think she knew she was tired though because she didn’t fight it hard enough. I guess next year we’ll have to come up with a different plan :)

Chris and I had a very sedate PST midnight. We watched the ball drop again and kissed and then watched a tv show before heading to bed. As long as we’re together, I don’t care how we spend it.

Yesterday was the annual mother/daughter day out for myself and Tabitha. We went to an outside shopping center since the day was just gorgeous. We had a lovely time browsing and lunching. Tabitha spent a couple gift cards and I picked up one or two items for the girls. We went into anthropologie to look around because I adore this store. I can’t afford the clothes, but their home stuff is fabulous. I ended up making an impulse purchase of some switch plate covers and cabinet knobs. Unfortunately I have to return two covers due to the screw holes not being in the right place, but the cabinet knobs/drawer pulls look incredible in our hallway bathroom. That bathroom has zero style with it’s pale blue walls and matching cabinets. But the knobs embrace the blue and I love how they look. I got two of one style for the drawers and then three of a different but complementary style for the cabinets. I’m very pleased :)

Today was packed. It started with Chris taking his car for routine service then to the mall for gift card and coupon redemptions then a quick stop at Target. Then Chris and Tabitha were dropped off at my in-laws’ while I took Daisy to a birthday party. Then we all met, including my in-laws, at a restaurant for dinner. I put off this evening’s workout until after Daisy was in bed because I was pretty full from dinner. Good thing too, because I still started to get a side cramp at the end during my run. Thankfully there was only one run in today’s workout.

Now that I’ve relaxed for a while at the computer with my tea and some newly-purchased Celtic music I think I’ll go join my other half in the living room.

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