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made a lot of headway

By Tara Zandra | December 29, 2009

All of Christmas is put away- hooray! I moved a few things around in the playroom to make room for the new toys, which is also a good thing. That project isn’t done, but I’ve been breaking it up into to small bits since I had other things to attend to as well. I finally packed away all of Daisy’s 3Ts today. She hit a growth spurt a couple months ago- for the first time ever she doesn’t seem as short- so the 3Ts were definitely looking way too small. All her new stuff I just bought is 5Ts and I’m amazed at how well they fit. Guess I’ll be packing up her 4Ts soon.

I finally used my new processor tonight with an inaugural batch of soup. I didn’t puree the soup, but I did chop the onions, slice the leeks (I won’t do those in the processor again) and slice the potatoes all in the Cuisinart. Very nice to have such a big bowl (16 cup) and plenty of room. It’ll get a rest tomorrow, but I’m making hummus on Thursday.

I went to Macy’s today to use my gift card at the Clinique counter. As we were getting closer to our vacation I kind of ran out of a lot of stuff, but didn’t feel like spending souvenir money on Clinique so made due with travel sizes from past gift with purchases and whatnot. It really felt good today to go and get what I needed! I asked for a quick consultation on an eye cream for a future purchase, though, and all she did was show me the two choices. That’s not exactly helpful, I know what the choices are, I just don’t know which is better for me.

It was a day of rest for my workout today, thank goodness. My body is so stiff and sore that I groan every time I sit down or stand up. I don’t know if that’s a testament to how good EA Sports Active is or just how horribly out of shape I am (probably both). I still did my yoga this morning, but I cut the time in half due to how crappy I slept last night- thanks Daisy- and how sore I was climbing out of bed this morning. I do my full yoga session tomorrow morning, I think.

Not much else went on today. The girls continued to play with their new stuff and they also took turns on the computer. The three of us played a new Candyland game that was kind of evil. First you have to spend a lifetime building the game board and then it’s frustrating the way you have to move around the board. But Daisy loved it and kept playing with the game as a toy when the official game was over. So I guess it’s a good gift afterall.

Getting late now, time to spend time with Chris :)

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