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the tree…she is gone

By Tara Zandra | December 27, 2009

We at least got our tree out of here today as well as our giant Little People Christmas villages. Those were my two goals for today, I’ll deal with the rest on my own tomorrow. Goals for tomorrow: laundry, French for me, violin for Tabitha, reading for Daisy, watching my one hour fifteen minute DVD on how to use my new food processor, getting a lot more Christmas out of the living room, cleaning the entire playroom to make room for all the new stuff, making a menu and going grocery shopping, yoga in the morning, workout in the evening. At least we have zero classes this week and we’re not attempting lessons yet other than the one subject for each of us.

We went bed shopping for Daisy yesterday but she is anti a new bed. She’s in a toddler bed still and outgrowing it. She said she just wanted Tabitha to get a new bed. We pointed out to her that Tabitha doesn’t need a new bed.

Me: Daisy, you’re getting too big for your bed. Plus, when you stand up under Tabitha’s bed, you have to be careful not to hit your head.

Daisy: I know, that’s why Tabitha’s bed is the problem, not mine.

She kind of had me there. We shopped anyway and found what will be her bed. We’re going to go with another junior loft bed like Tabitha got when she was 4, minus the slide. So I mentioned it to Daisy again today and once again, she was adamant that she did not want a new bed and that was that. So we decided it was stupid to spend all that money on a bed the child doesn’t even want. We’ll let her keep her toddler bed for now and perhaps just rearrange the room so she’s not under Tabitha’s bed any more. But I did let her know that she will be getting a new bed in the future since she won’t exactly stop growing.

Last night we also took the girls to Barnes and Noble to spend gift cards they received from my dad. Chris and I also bought ourselves something with Christmas money from my mom, including the membership card. I’ve never wanted to spend the extra $25 on top of what the books cost but this finally seemed like the right time.

I’m outta time as I only gave myself 10 minutes. Time to play a game with Tabi before she heads off to bed.

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