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all the holiday jazz

By Tara Zandra | December 23, 2009

We’ve had a good week. I’ve done every single bit of shopping possible. The only thing I didn’t buy was Dr. Pepper for the hubby so I guess we’ll need to brave the grocery tomorrow.

No matter how much I buy the kids, it still never seems like enough. Just call me the queen of excess.

I started a sewing project this week for the kids. Tabitha has been wanting a new robe for over a year now. She specifically asked for one for Christmas so I decided to sew her one. I got the cutest fleece fabric with turtles on it. I decided to sew one for Daisy too. Well, I put off starting it and have now decided only Tabi gets one since she’s the one who actually asked for it. If Daisy says “I want a robe” then I can easily tell her no problem, I’ll be happy to make her one too- especially since I already bought the fabric.

I wasn’t going to send out Christmas cards because I simply ran out of time (coming home from vacation a week into the Christmas season is not easy). But then Monday I received 6 more cards all at once and they were beautiful and really made me sad that I didn’t send cards. So I quickly got an order in to Walgreens and addressed them all that night (with Chris’s help) to be sent out yesterday. I made sure to get ones that say “and a Happy New Year” for all my East Coast friends and family that probably won’t get them by Christmas. If your card seems late from me, rest assured, you were not forgotten.

Because I know you all care, the girls’ dollhouse and fairy house have lights, garlands, Christmas trees, and even wrapped presents (chocolate). We opted not to put the snow underneath because it stuck to the carpet last year and was very hard to get up.

Tonight will be a wrapping marathon. We’ve only wrapped 7 gifts total and our goal is to wrap all but a very few tonight. I’m leaving the bigger items until tomorrow night so the girls will be surprised when big gifts show up on Christmas morning.

The girls and I went to see the “Science of Gingerbread” exhibit at the Discovery Cube yesterday. So fun seeing all the various gingerbread houses plus we hit the gift shop. Daisy ended up getting a plush germ- The Flu to be exact. She calls him Mr. Flu and loves him to pieces. The kid has the strongest immune system I’ve ever seen so it makes sense she would consider a germ a cuddly pet.

I can’t share a video of our dancing lights set to music because one set isn’t working right now. Chris will try to fix it in the day time.

Just for those who don’t follow me on facebook, I need to share how sweet my husband is. He wanted to surprise me with an early Christmas gift so he had roses delivered to me today with a beautiful message from him. I love him so much :)

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