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beach time

By Tara Zandra | July 31, 2006

 Yesterday we headed out to Cabrillo Beach because nearby the Black Pearl is docked so it can be redressed for the Pirates of the Caribbean 3.

The first pic is just from my camera zoomed in maximum and the second is zoomed in and then putting it up the lens of the binoculars. Both images can be clicked to see larger.

Black Pearl        Black Pearl again


We spent time at the beach and decided it’s our new favorite beach as it had very small waves, decent parking (that didn’t cost a fortune) and the crowds were manageable. We only went yesterday for a couple hours so we’ll return soon to spend a day there.

This was Daisy’s first trip to beach and she was beside herself with excitement when she saw the water. She could not wait to get into it. I walked her out there and we let the water lap at our ankles and she thought that was cool. The wind picked up a bit and the [small] waves rolled in a little faster so when they went out they really pulled on her feet in the sand and she didn’t particularly care for that. At one point she told me she was stuck which struck me as funny. Chris then took over with her so I could take pictures of her and also of Tabitha. Five minutes later she was done and didn’t even want to sit on the blanket, she spent the next half hour sitting in her stroller, by choice, lol.

Tabitha, on the other hand, loved every minute, didn’t want to leave, cannot wait to go again. She’s quite the beach bunny :)

After the beach we were off to California Adventure. We went late in the day so we could see both parades- Block Party Bash and Disney’s Electrical Parade. It made for quite the long day but we had a great time.

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