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good omen?

By Tara Zandra | October 20, 2009

Are spiders a good omen? You know like an itchy palm means you’ll get money.

This morning I saw a small strand of a web going from Chris’s lunch cooler on top of the fridge to the edge of the hood of the stove. We’re talking maybe 5-inches of one strand of web. I grabbed a towel and got it down and that was that. Fast forward an hour and I was at the stove cooking Tabitha some oatmeal. I looked up on the hood to turn the light on and saw around 25 baby spiders crawling around and also hanging over the edge of the hood coming down on tiny webs. Needless to say I freaked just a tad. Of course, once again, nature invades the inside of my house and where is my husband? Already gone on his way to work. Why can’t this crap ever happen when he’s home, I ask? (I ask that every time and have yet to receive an answer, btw.)

I did take care of it and really they were tiny little things, it was just a shock seeing so many at once. I called Chris and warned him to check in his lunch bag but he reported to finding nothing. Guess I’m the lucky one.

I tried all day to relax and destress myself and meditate. I think I got more stressed out by trying. Finally this evening while I was at a Burger King play area with Daisy (Tabitha was in gymnastics), something clicked and it was like I could feel all the stress slide off me. Since then it’s been a very nice evening. I got a lot done on Daisy’s spider costume (ironic, in a way) and can’t wait to finish it tomorrow morning. We also were able to find a wig for Tabitha today so her costume is complete as well. Though she was telling me quite the elaborate make-up she’d like me to do on her. She’s supposed to be Silvermist, a fairy from the Tinker Bell movie, but she’ll be closer to a street walker if I don’t convince her to tone it down. Thankfully it’s really out of her control since I’m the one who will do the actual make-up.

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