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By Tara Zandra | October 19, 2009

Today has been one long day of frustration. It started with me having zero email this morning. Immediately I knew something was wrong because overnight I typically get around 60 or 70 pieces of mail. Then I find out I put a bad link to the fair pictures last night (all fixed now). Then the three of us went wig shopping for Tabitha’s Halloween costume and we’re in a real bind as we’re not finding anything that will work. Then it was more email stuff, though I did finally get that fixed. Then the day ends with the Dodgers blowing their lead to lose the game in the bottom of the ninth and if they don’t win the next 3 games, then no World Series for them. I know some people don’t care, but I’ve been a Dodger fan since I was 10, it’s a big deal to me.

Anyway, there’s more but no need to keep harping on it all. I’m attempting to relax with some more music and mindless games on Webk!nz because I have a very busy 2 weeks ahead of me. I really need to take up meditation throughout the day to help me de-stress and just deal.

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