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didn’t stay home

By Tara Zandra | October 12, 2009

We decided to get out and about yesterday so no photo editing for me. We went letterboxing, or at least, we attempted to letterbox. We went 0 for 4 boxes yesterday as the stars just weren’t aligned, apparently. We did find a fabulous park that the kids loved playing in for awhile so all was not lost. We then went to Dots Cupcakes in Pasadena for some yummies. We walked around for a bit, but it was crowded and we weren’t really in the mood to browse so we simply stopped at the dog treat bakery and then headed out.

We went to the mall to get Tabitha’s wig for Halloween but that also didn’t work out. Webkinz were found though for which the girls were pleased. We had had enough frustrations so went to the local vegetarian restaurant, which is now a vegan restaurant, and had a truly wonderful meal. It was definitely a great end to the day.

I played Wii Fit Plus when we got home and then eventually it was time to get kiddies in bed and Chris and I watched Amazing Race before heading to bed ourselves.

Today was very overcast so we had a lazy and slow morning. We still packed a lot into the day though- laundry, French, and a 45-minute workout for me, tackling long vowels for Daisy, and French, violin theory, violin practice, math, ancient history, US history, spelling, grammar, writing skills, and Junior Great Books activities for Tabitha. There was also much game playing between the three of us though I took today off from Monopoly with Tabitha because I wasn’t in the mood.

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