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poppin’ in

By Tara Zandra | October 10, 2009

Just quickly popping in to say hi. We’ve been enjoying the cooler weather with pants and short sleeves though the mornings look so gloomy it’s hard to believe it will warm up. But if you start the day in long sleeves, you’ll be sweating by noon. It feels like fall around here which means holidays are coming! It certainly was just the perfect weather for our weekly park day, that’s for sure.

Tomorrow I plan to work on all the pictures from the fair and Disneyland last week. I also need to upload more videos to youtube because Chris and I went to see Pearl Jam again last night! The show was down in San Diego so he took a half day at work and we dropped the kids off as soon as my FIL got home from work. We ran into pockets of traffic but overall we made pretty good time. Finding some place to eat is what really took forever. Eventually we ended up at Islands which, although a good meal, the place was completely overrun with kids and we didn’t particularly want a sit down restaurant. But the important thing is when we picked up our 10 Club tickets, we were in the tenth row again!! We will now be completely spoiled for all future Pearl Jam shows, lol. This time we were slightly to the right instead of left of center. Also, at this venue, they were floor seats instead of a small step up so the view was a little harder because the guy in front of us was about 6′ 4″. At least his girlfriend was way short :)

Sadly we got a call during the last song that Tabitha was sick. We rushed out and went straight to get her, but of course, we were in San Diego so we still had the drive ahead of us. I think we got to her around 1:30am. She said her stomach felt odd but she was okay but then the car ride did her in and she was no longer okay when we got home. We put her on the couch with her pillow and blanket and Chris slept on the floor in case she got up in the middle of the night. He’s always been the one to really take care of her when she was sick going back to when she was a tiny baby and slept on his chest with a little, baby cold.

So I got to sleep alone in my bed, but Daisy was just a ball of anger this morning and dealing with her for 2 and a half hours by myself was no picnic so I think I’m calling Chris and I even. Tabitha was okay this morning, a little hungry. I gave her plain toast and she asked for more after one piece. Halfway through the second piece though she thought it was be a good idea to stop eating. That’s kind of the game we played all day but fortunately, she never was sick again and slowly regained her strength and just felt better in general. We didn’t want to tempt fate with dinner though, so while the rest of us had spaghetti, I set aside some of the spaghetti noodles and topped them with olive oil, salt and Italian seasoning as opposed to spaghetti sauce. She also had a piece of garlic bread and she’s been fine so hopefully by morning she won’t be afraid to eat regular food.

Tabs and I started a Monopoly game this evening, but right now she’s watching Chris play a video game before bed so we’ll finish up the game tomorrow. No Dodger game for us to watch tomorrow because they swept the Cardinals in 3 games and are going to the next round of playoffs! In other words, there was much dancing and celebrating at Chateau d’Anc.

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