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good will

By Tara Zandra | October 5, 2009

Since I’m now officially making Daisy’s costume, we went off to Goodwill today in search of parts. I was successful in finding a top, but their pants selection left quite a bit to be desired. We did find a pair of jeans for Tabi just because the girl had the nerve to grow. We had to put away 4 pairs of her pants from last year and another 2 pairs are a tad too tight but she says they are fine. Apparently she needs some serious pants shopping but it’s going to have to wait just a little bit. But she likes finding things at Goodwill so it works out for me. We also found 2 Little Golden Books that are Winnie the Pooh. One of them has an inscription on the inside mentioning the book being given to a couple for the birth of their child. It’s sad to think it ended up at Goodwill. But we’ll love it and give it a good home even if Karie and little Andy didn’t want it. Our last find is a real treasure. It’s a wooden game based on Little Bear books/ TV show and was shrink-wrapped in mint condition. It’s a beautiful game and Daisy really loved playing with the pieces- we haven’t even played it as a game yet. Only $3.99, too.

The rest of the day was laundry and lessons though I just realized I never was able to corral Daisy so she’d read to me. She only has to read her last book 2 more times and then she can move onto level 2; long vowels, here we come! Tabitha worked on violin theory, reading comprehension, grammar, French, violin practice, spelling, ancient history and math. We’re so close to the end of ancient history, I just want to speed through it! But I’m holding back so we can give each chapter it’s proper time.

Since we put up the Halloween decorations and enjoyed Halloween activities yesterday at Disneyland, I was in a fall-ish mood. Our temps are simply beautiful right now with the high being around 73. I took advantage of the gorgeous breeze coming through and opened all the windows. While making this week’s menu, it seemed right to make soup for this evening so I perused my cookbooks to find just the right recipe. I think I had a small pasta and veggie soup in mind but ending up choosing cream of zucchini. Oh my goodness, let me tell you it tasted wonderful! It was topped with gorgonzola cheese which was a nice complement to the creaminess of the soup. The girls both enjoyed it as well, though next time Tabitha won’t have the gorgonzola on top as it was too tangy for her; I never even bothered to put it on Daisy’s just to be safe. It’s definitely a keeper recipe and I look forward to making it again sometime. Every year I say I’m going to make soups and I’m lucky if I make 1 so I’m already ahead of the came, lol.

Alright, despite the 8 hours of sleep last night (unheard of!) I am really tired this evening. I’m not sure we’ll watch any tv at all, maybe we’ll just kick back with our respective games and then call it a night.

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One Response to “good will”

  1. Sandy Says:
    October 11th, 2009 at 4:02 am

    Would you mind sharing that cream of zucchini soup recipe? I’ve got the last 2 zucchini from the garden sitting on the counter. Gabe’s asking for the broccoli/zucchini casserole again, but a soup sounds good to me… It’s only in the 50s here!

    Oh & what are the girls dressing as for Halloween?