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I got nothing

By Tara Zandra | August 13, 2009

Sometimes when I’m not blogging it’s because we’ve got so much going on that I don’t have time. Not this week. We’ve been enjoying a whole lot of nothing. We’ve managed a couple things here and there. We took Daisy to a play area at the mall and then stopped in the bookstore. I bought Daisy a second Fancy Nancy book and she was quite taken with it. She says “Fancy Nancy” is her nickname now and every time we call her that name she thanks us. This fascination inspired Tabitha who spent over 2 hours yesterday dressing Daisy up different ways to take her picture, then putting all the photos into a magazine entitled Perfectly Posh. They’re good sisters, they are.

We took the kids to the park last night after dinner because there wasn’t a Dodger game on. They had a great time and there was much protesting from the little one when it was time to leave- probably because she knew it was bedtime. But the park lights never came on and it was getting quite dark so we couldn’t stretch our stay any longer. Not dark enough to see a single meteor, of course, this is still city. When I went out to look last night I saw exactly 5 bright stars and an airplane so I didn’t even bother trying.

Daisy likes the little blanket bed I set up for her in our room. She’s come in every single night and then Chris just puts her back to bed when he gets up at 5:30. But then she’s been coming back around 6:30 and just sleeping in my bed with me. Last night I told her to tell her troubles to her worry dolls and maybe she’d get some sleep. Must have worked because she didn’t come in for the first time until 6:20ish. I put her back to bed after a little while and she’s still asleep an hour later. I’ll definitely have her talk to her worry dolls before bed again.

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