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I want my mommy

By Tara Zandra | August 9, 2009

So for all intents and purposes I’m alone because Chris took Tabi to the Jonas Bros. concert and Miss Daisy is in bed. I decided to have a snack that’s a throwback to my childhood- cinnamon toast. I was going to enjoy it and then post some sappy little comment about how it reminded me of my mom making it for me when I was young. I was going to wax on about how long it’s been since I’ve had cinnamon toast and say it was delicious and the only thing that would have made it better would be if my mom had made it for me. But you know what? There’s a reason why I always asked my mom to make it- I can’t! It was so bland and not really worth the time or calories. Apparently, it really would have tasted better if my mom had made it for me!

Aside from that, I’ve been wasting time this evening by spending over an hour on awkwardfamilyphotos.com. My immunity system should be good and strong because I definitely spent some time laughing. Now, I’m quickly cleaning up toys and then finishing some scrapbooking while I await Chris and Tabitha.

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