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Nature ain’t always pretty

By Tara Zandra | August 8, 2009

I headed into the backyard today with the intent of getting the bird nest down so the girls and I could examine it. Upon climbing on a chair to reach for it, I promptly got down and went back into the house to don gloves. Apparently, all that time the mother bird sits on the eggs, she doesn’t take potty breaks. The edges of the nest were covered in bird poop. Then I realized, the poop was used as some kind of adhesive as the nest was stuck to the patio cover. I had to pull really hard to get it unstuck from the sides and bottom. Ew. I put it in my box and called the girls out to look at it because I sure as heck wasn’t bringing it into my house. We poked through a few layers and saw a gum wrapper and twist tie, but most interesting is apparently the birds gathered all the hair my dog shed this summer and wove some kind of insulation into the nest. Seriously, it looked like a wool blanket. We were disappointed to not find a single egg shell fragment which makes me wonder, where did the shells go? To sum up, kind of interesting, very disgusting.

Other than that, not too much went on today. We started the morning with a couple errands including Jamba Juice as a treat. We worked on picking up all the toys in the girls’ room, the playroom, and the dining room. Chris worked on a to-do list item and then it was fun and games time for a while. The girls played separately while Chris and I played Samba de Amigo. Eventually the girls played together, Chris napped and I cooked dinner.

The entree was simply Fettucine Alfredo but I had bought flavored fettucine- garlic parsley to be exact. It was very tasty and I think I’ll try another flavor in the future.

After dinner, Chris went for a run and I played Dance, Dance for an hour and a half before taking my much needed shower. I played it on workout mode for most of it, but I have a hard time believing I burned as many calories as it says I did- if it were that easy, we’d all be thin, lol. But I had a fabulous time and could have easily played another hour but it was already time to get the little one into bed so I had to tear myself away. We need to get Dance, Dance for the XBox because you can buy more songs with the XBox and we can’t do that with the Wii.

Miss Daisy has been suffering from nightmares of late. She’s always been susceptible to bad dreams, but they seem to be piling on night after night right now. The second time she came into our room last night she told me she had to sleep with me because she just couldn’t go back to her bed no matter what. Needless to say, she spent the rest of the night with us. Since that’s not an ideal situation, what with her constant need to wrap herself around my head, tonight we’re going to set up a makeshift bed on the floor with soft quilts so if she needs to come in to us we can simply put her back to sleep in our room. I do wish we had either a king bed or room for a toddler mattress on our floor but we have a tiny bedroom so neither of those ideas would work. If she has problem falling back asleep on our floor, I can at least lay down with her for a little while and hopefully that will be enough. Ideally, she’ll sleep fine tonight and won’t need us.

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One Response to “Nature ain’t always pretty”

  1. Vanessa Says:
    August 9th, 2009 at 9:19 pm

    I got curious about where the eggshells had gone too, so I Googled it, and apparently in some species the mother bird eats the shell fragments (they have minerals) and in other species, the birds carry the shells away with them when they abandon the nest. Who knew?

    Hope Daisy had a better night’s sleep — I’ve had nightmares the last two nights in a row too, so I feel her pain!