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Waiting on the Dodgers

By Tara Zandra | August 7, 2009

The Dodgers are preventing me from watching the season premiere of “Pysch.” It’s currently the top of the 12th and they just finished leaving the bases loaded in the 11th. Chris went on a Ben and Jerry’s run so I’m taking a moment to blog and listen to music.

Tabitha lost another tooth today and just before bed told me she’s going to put it under her pillow. I want to give her more than money though so that she’s truly surprised so Chris is going to pick up a fun candy for her at the store as well as our ice cream.

Kids and I went to park today for a lovely time. We ended up staying almost 3 hours and I hated to leave, but hunger was about to set in. I know I should take sandwiches with us, but I never want to make them in the morning before we leave the house.

We stopped at the dance studio after park to pick up the girls’ recital pictures and the DVD of the recital. Oh, and we went ahead and registered Tabitha for a jazz dance class. I’m glad she decided to return to dance even if it means another time commitment because she has a natural grace and is a lovely dancer. She says she enjoys dancing but she didn’t have the best teacher for ballet, imo, and that contributed to her not wanting to continue. I really like both jazz instructors though so she should have a good year. I took a jazz class when I was 11, though it was just through the Y, but the teacher let my friend and I do our own dance and we made one up to “Rock Me Amadeus.” No lie.

We watched the recital DVD so I finally got a better look at my girls since I didn’t see much during the actual recital. They both did wonderfully (naturally) and I’m so very proud of them. There was also a dance number of “Thriller” that was planned before MJ died so then there was a bit of discussion if it should be done at the recital or not. I must say, I am so glad the jazz classes did it, I think it was wonderful and ended up being a great tribute to Michael Jackson.

This is a rare weekend because we have zero plans. I mean absolutely nothing. Who knows what we will or won’t do, but I’m guessing there will be some Dance, Dance involved at some point.

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