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By Tara Zandra | August 5, 2009

We’ve been bird watching for the past couple of months. In our backyard we first saw two birds looking like they were building nest. It’s a fairly popular spot under the eaves of the patio cover. But in all our years here, we’ve never seen any birds do anything more than start building a nest. Eventually the figure it’s a bad spot and move on leaving a few twigs behind. This year though, was different. The birds built the next until it was about the size ofa grapefruit.

Over time we’ve watched the two birds who built the next come and go. Then one day we saw what we are assuming is the male bird feed the female bird at the nest. We noticed she wasn’t leaving the nest nearly as often and started to wonder if there were eggs. Sure enough, about 2 weeks ago we saw the mama bird feeding two little fuzzy heads poking out of the nest. Oh the girls were thrilled! Truth be told, so was I. We’ve been watching and enjoying our glimpses of those fuzzy heads.

Monday, one of the babies was sitting on the edge of the nest and flapping his wings hard before going back into the nest. Then yesterday, he took flight! We saw him jump off the ledge, falter towards the ground flapping for all he was worth and then swooping up and flying to the nearby tree. We are so lucky to have witnessed this at the right time! We feel we missed it with the other bird because no one seems to be using the nest now.

We’re going to wait a few more days to make sure the nest is not in use and then I’m going to bring it down so we can look at it closely. I’m hoping there are eggshell fragments inside as well.

Cheapest science course ever :)

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