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I don’t think they want the heathens anyway

By Tara Zandra | August 4, 2009

Tabitha is supposed to be attending a theater camp this week and next. It came with the high price of a super long day from 9-5, but we thought the program would be worth it as it was Shakespeare. Except it wasn’t- apparently the theme changes every year and while it was Shakespeare last year when I found out about it, this year it was going to be more “groovy.” The second problem was they doubled the cost from last year to this. We weren’t thrilled but still figured it was worth it. Now, the program happens to be through a Christian college. That is a bit more of a big deal for us, but again, thought it was something we could handle. Then Chris attended the parents’ meeting and we found out we would not be able to handle it. It wasn’t just a “groovy” theme, but also a “God is never changing” theme, and the dress code was impossible strict, as in, if shorts are worn, not only do they have to go to the knees, but then tights must be worn underneath. Lastly, it wasn’t going to be a little prayer before the show, it was going to inlcude a daily devotional. All of this combined made us realize we were crazy to send Tabitha there being that we’re the people we are. I still think it’s probably a great program and love that one of the goals is to get kids audition ready for theater. Unfortunately, I can’t compromise that many of my principles between the long hours and it being too religious for our family.

Tabitha took the news with grace and said she was sad but kind of relieved which perfectly sums up exactly how Chris and I feel as well. Chris and I have renewed our search for semi-local theater that she can do. She doesn’t have dance class anymore so that frees up one more night a week though gymnastics and Girl Scouts may make it more complicated.

So our summer classes are done for this year. Tabitha had a great time at her 3 and Daisy loved the one class she took (with me). This week we’re getting back to normal and focusing on lessons. Yesterday went really well with us finishing math, French, violin, grammar, writing, ancient history, US history, and also reading for Daisy. Typing it out I just realized we forgot spelling so I’ve got to remember that today. Tabitha woke up early yesterday which enabled us to start early so we were completely done by lunch time, but seeing as it’s already after 8am today, I don’t think we’ll be done quite as early today. In any case, it’s not a race and lessons will take as long as they take. But it is getting late for me, so I need to get out of this chair and pull myself together for the day.

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One Response to “I don’t think they want the heathens anyway”

  1. Vanessa Says:
    August 4th, 2009 at 1:44 pm

    That’s too bad about the camp, but it’s probably for the best. I had a couple of super-religious friends as a kid who liked to tell me that my whole family was going to burn in Hell because we didn’t go to church, and I’d hate for Tabitha to have that same experience.