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By Tara Zandra | July 22, 2009

We’ve been working on fair projects non-stop since we got home from day camp this afternoon. Currently, Tabitha is putting sequins on her octopus one-by-one using straight pins. Tedious, but it looks fantastic! Daisy finished her entry for the coloring contest, then did her fish decorating entry, and her starfish decorating. The fish is just a printed paper, but instead of coloring, you’re supposed to embellish with whatever you can think of. The starfish is actually sewn and stuffed by me then she decorated it. Come to think of it, the starfish will be finished tomorrow because we had to wait for glue to dry before adding the puffy paint.

Aside from the 3-dimensional octopus, Tabitha also did fish decorating and previously finished a drawing for the art category as well as her photo for the photography competition. She’s also doing a cake decorating contest, but that entry is not turned in until October so we’ve got time to work on it.

Last night when the girls went to bed, I was questioning whether we’d make it to day camp today. But they both woke up on their own around 7:00am and Tabitha said she felt much better and Daisy seemed okay so off we went. Daisy usually has extremely mild colds so I almost expect her to be on the mend tomorrow. Tabitha usually gets a couch that lasts a lifetime so I hold no such illusions as to her being close to the end.

I organized my Disney World scrapbook this evening. I had to change out the posts because my extenders didn’t fit the posts that came with the album. I also fixed a few ordering issues and added more page protectors to the album. Tomorrow I’m hoping to get an actual layout done.

My in-laws are out of town so they gave us an anniversary gift before they left. Well, really, we got two gifts because they also bought our Green Day tickets. But, what they gave us before they left is a single serve coffee maker that also does hot tea and hot chocolate. We got tons of coffee, but I don’t drink that and there was only half a dozen teas with 4 of them being caffeineted. Anyway, my whole point is, Chris ordered me quite a few teas so I could use it too and today they came! Five servings of 6 different varieties, I can’t wait to try them :)

Right now my wonderful husband is on a diet coke run because I’m down to one can. He’ll also being coming home with dark chocolate. Good night!

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