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rough week

By Tara Zandra | July 21, 2009

Chris came down with a cold on Saturday. Apparently he gave it to the kids and of course this is no time for them to be sick. We’ve got day camps, for goodness sakes! I’m being the bad parent and not keeping my kids home. *sigh* I hate when I do something I don’t like other people doing. Now, if the kids wanted to stay home, that would be a different story, but they don’t. Daisy, at least, I can keep isolated from the others because it’s a Mommy and Me class, but Tabitha has to sit at tables with other kids. She knows not to touch anyone or sit too close or share pencils and such so hopefully no one else with catch it.

In light of their sore throats, we opted to go out to dinner at the only Mexican restaurant in town that doesn’t put chicken in their tortilla soup. Both girls had lots of soup to soothe them. I had it too, but only because I love it so much. I told the family that since they are all sick at the same time, if I end up sick next week, they all better band together and take care of me, for a change.

So not much else to say. It’s way too hot to want to do anything worthwhile once we’re home. Me arse is becoming permenantly attached to the computer chair. Next week I can work out in the mornings again and hopefully start the day off right. But then the two weeks after that I can’t so I’ll be right back where I am now. I think I need to write a to-do list, I tend to do that when I’m having trouble focusing and getting things done. It’s usually an overly ambitious list, but it feels good to get even 3/4 of it done so it’s a good plan for me.

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