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Would you look at that?

By Tara Zandra | July 19, 2009

Got the old look back, as you can see. Still plan to upgrade and change things around, but I’m happy for now.

Today was another Dodger game for the Anc Fam! Miss Daisy was less than pleased and the spoiled princess didn’t even really care that she got a free Webkinz out of the deal. We did end up leaving early due to quite a few factors. They were losing when we left, but as we listened in the car, we heard them tie, and when we got home and turned it on, we saw them win so it’s all good :) We only have one game left this season that we already have the tickets and I think we’ll see about leaving Daisy with a grandparent. Any future ticket purchases will probably be just 2 tickets and Tabitha and I can trade off which of us gets to go with Chris.

Dinner was easy but yummy tonight. Daisy has decided she likes roasted zuchinni and this was the first time I made it for her since she declared that. True to her word, she ate it all up. Tabitha eats it raw only so I saved a few slices for her when I was preparing the meal. As long as they eat the veggies, I don’t care how they like them. Tabitha asked me to make the mock sushi roll-ups that use zuchinni instead of seaweed. I’ve only done it the one time so I definitely think I’m due. She likes regular veggie sushi too, but Chris doesn’t and Daisy won’t even try so it’s better that I do the zuchinni ones anyway.

I guess Harry Potter will be screening in this house soon. I’ve successfully avoided it all these years. I refuse to jump on that bandwagon and people always asked me what I’d do if Tabitha wanted to read them or watch the movie. Honestly, my decision to avoid something that is over the top popular has zero to do with my kids. Tabitha read all the books 2 years ago but didn’t want to watch the movies yet. She just reread the books over 3 weeks this summer and now wants to watch the movies so we’ll borrow them for her. We’ll see if I watch them or maybe I’ll just pretend it’s “Lost” and snap my headphones on and play on the computer. Chris has deserted me and plans to watch them with her.

We ended the day with a quick trip to the park. Chris and I came up with a menu for the next 3 days and wrote the shopping list. After the park, we did our shopping before coming home for good. The girls played just a bit and then it was time to start the whole bedtime rigamarole. We just got the big kid to bed so now we’ll watch a comedy special while I sort laundry.

I need a good night’s sleep tonight to gear up for the busy week ahead. Both kids in day camp!!

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2 Responses to “Would you look at that?”

  1. Mandi Says:
    July 21st, 2009 at 1:16 pm

    Yaay, it’s back!!

    I LOVE (!!!!) that photo of you and Chris! It’s the best one I’ve ever seen of you two. Wow.

    I don’t do Harry Potter at all and my kids don’t read the books (we avoid anything involving sorcery) so I am not a part of the hoopla surrounding the whole HP thing. I never understood why people are insane for it all…

  2. Sandy Says:
    July 24th, 2009 at 8:48 am

    I do agree that is probably the best photo I’ve seen of you & Chris - it’s great!

    I would hardly say I’m “insane” for Harry Potter, but the movies are definitely enjoyable! Watch the 1st one Z, you may enjoy them. : )