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By Tara Zandra | July 17, 2009

This week we’ve had one class for the whole week- that’s one total commitment which is astounding for us. I’ve been sleeping past 7 and not caring if I didn’t start working out until 8:30am. It was so freeing not to wake up and feel behind in the day.

Today we did have Park Day, but it’s more of a choice than a “have-to” so I didn’t mind needing to leave the house by a certain time. Not that we made it out on time and were in fact, more than half an hour late to park, but that’s okay. We stopped in at Target really quick and ran into my cousin and her baby so it was worth it to be late and chat with her for awhile. The girls enjoyed fawning over the baby and were reluctant to leave.

We eventually did get to Park though and the girls each went off with their friends and I found my closest friend and had a long sit-down chat with her. The little kids kept coming over saying they were resting with us, but we shooed them off under a different tree so we could resume grown-up talk. It was lovely and I was sorry to see her go.

We stayed another hour and I had some good conversations with other friends before we had to leave since Tabitha had made a date to meet a friend on Pixie Hollow (that’s a subscription Disney website based on Tinkerbell and her fairy friends). We ended up not having lunch until well after two which was poor timing on our part. Chris worked early today meaning he ate lunch really early so he was ready for dinner when he got home which was only 4:30pm. We waited a little while and then went to Baja Fresh before running errands into Goodwill, Michaels, and Target.

Once home the girls went back to playing together up until bedtime and then Tabitha hung out with me while I cleaned up the dining room. She said she was helping me get ready for tomorrow, but I think she put away 5 pencils and then settled into chattering at me. Whatever, it was still nice to have her with me one-on-one.

It’s late now and Chris and I haven’t even begun to relax together due to me wanting to take a late shower. Not sure if we’ll find something on the telly or what. I refuse to go to bed early on a weekend though so we’ll find something to do, I’m sure.

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