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a timeline

By Tara Zandra | July 25, 2006

Saturday 10:00pm- AC turns on and only warm air blows out. We discuss and try it again to no avail. Go to bed because what else are we going to do?

Sunday am- AC still doesn’t blow cold. Chris cleans our fan and calls his parents to ask about borrowing any extra fans. We spend time in their cool house.

Sunday pm- Chris calls many repairmen, the only ones who work on Sunday can’t fit us in until Wed. “sometime” after 1:00pm and want to charge $125 just to come out. He leaves messages with anyone who has a machine and does hear back from one who will come out between 5:00pm and 8:00pm Monday (I asked for the late window because I’m not comfortable with admitting a stranger to my home when Chris isn’t here. Yes, I feel he protects me, so sue me, I’m not a feminist).

Monday am- House starts out hot and gets worse from there. But I’m buoyed with the knowledge that it should be fixed that night. Kids and I escape to Target and bowling to cool down.

Monday pm- Come home from bowling and the house is actually hotter than outside, but none of that air wants to come in. Keep in mind it was upper 90s with 80% humidity. And the house was worse. The girls and I sit still in the dark with a fan on us waiting for the repairman and Chris. Chris comes home I decide we all need to be in the backyard with the mist on to cool us down while we wait. At 6:00pm we receive a phone call postponing our appt. until 8:00am the next morning. We yell, they don’t care. I completely and thoroughly snap, throw one hell of a temper tantrum and demand that Chris do something, anything, to get us into a hotel for the night.

Monday pm con’t- We get into a decent inn close to the house and order pizza. Once we are full we change into swimsuits and go into the pool. It was wonderful and provided a much needed break from the stress. We played with the girls and didn’t talk about problems and just had fun being a family. Night swimming is fabulous.

Tuesday am- Chris gets up early, calls in late to work and comes home to wait for repairman. When Chris called the service to confirm he was told sometime between 8:00am and 9:00am, even though we were supposedly the first appt. they couldn’t just say 8:00am despite what we were told the night before. 7:55am they call and cancel. Did I mention the name of the business is “Reliable Air and Heat Service?” Not making that up. They offer tomorrow at which point Chris tells them to never come anywhere near our house. Calls other people and gets a guy who said he could be at our house by 9:30am. Chris picks us up from the hotel after the girls and I enjoyed our free continental breakfast (waffle bar, anyone?) and on our way here the guy called and said he was 15 minutes away. Yay! But I’m still anticipating the worst.

Tuesday am con’t- Sam, our new best friend, fixes it in under half an hour. He did say it’s on his last legs and next time it breaks down we’ll have to replace it. As long as that’s years into the future and not in July or August, I’m cool with that (pun intended).

Tuesday pm- Here I sit, in cool air. And I have no intention of leaving it anytime in the forseeable future.

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One Response to “a timeline”

  1. Melody Says:
    July 30th, 2006 at 9:17 am

    Oh gosh, what a time to not have air conditioning. I keep hearing about the extreme heat on the news! Glad you got that fixed!!!!