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Not the best “Mommy” day

By Tara Zandra | July 9, 2009

Just finished a rousing round of Zooreka and am about to sing a bedtime song to the eldest child before I can sit down and say “Thank goodness they are both in bed!” It was just one of those days where both kids were argumentative with me and I was in no mood so I snapped back more than needed. Chris is at the store picking up a few essentials like milk and eggs.

And dark chocolate because that can really be a cure-all.

I got a lot done in lessons with both girls this week. Daisy and I even managed to bake a cheesecake one day when Tabitha had a friend over. I mentioned to Tabitha to choose somewhere to go next week but to talk it over with her sister, but Tabitha basically already has it in her mind what we’re going to do so I guess she’s not so much going to talk with her sister, but convince her to do what she wants. Luckily, it’s somewhere Daisy asked to go to just last week so it should be agreeable to her.

I managed to do yoga only twice this week, but I figure it’s two more times than last week so it’s still good.

Ah, I hear my chocolate, I mean husband, coming home now.


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