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does not seem summer-ish

By Tara Zandra | July 9, 2009

Mid-July and we haven’t done one summer thing. No beach trips, no water trips to California Adventure, no water play in the back yard. Just, nothing. It’s not even warm in the evenings for goodness sake. It gets to the low 80s, so I turn the A/C on around 2:30 and then turn it off around 6 because we no longer need it. I mean, yay for next month’s electric bill but really, where is summer? Our weekends are so packed that I don’t even know when we’re going to get to the beach.

It’s nice during the week not to have to be very many places. I’ve got Tabi home this week and next so we’re packing the lessons in to make up for all the time she’s in camps. Next week though, we’re definitely taking a day and going somewhere, I’ll let the kids decide where.

I have got to stop saying I’ll write about certain things or post pictures or whatever. Me saying it is the kiss of death for that action ever happening. It’s Thursday and I don’t feel like writing about the past weekend. I’ll try to keep it brief as it was a good weekend.

Saturday the kids went with my in-laws to a pool party. Chris and I took advantage of the time and went out to lunch and then hung out together at home before the kids came home. No dinner, because no one was hungry. After dark we walked around the neighborhood to watch all the illegal fireworks until the kids were so tired they were going to pass out. .

Chris and I finished the last episode of Friends, which was bittersweet. We started watching just after Christmas and it was so fun to relive the ’90s because it was soooo ’90s with the coffee house and the hair and high waisted pants. Friends originally aired the same year Chris and I started dating so there are fond memories there as well. By the end though, I was kind of waiting to get to the end. The best years to me, were up to about season 6 which ends with Monica’s and Chandler’s engagement. The last 4 seasons felt sad to me because the good stuff was past. The last season of course, only ended 5 years ago which isn’t really long enough for the nostalgia aspect. Anyway, I’m glad we watched them all, and I do wish I didn’t feel sad about the end as it was just a TV show.

Sunday we started the day with chocolate chip pancakes and then headed out for some letterboxing and used book store hunting. We were semi-sucessful at both :) That’s the short version, suffice it to say, it was a great family day together and we had a lovely time.

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