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the end of camp

By Tara Zandra | July 5, 2009

Tabitha had the last day of her summer camp yesterday. The theme was Africa and the camp is focused on learning through art so lots of projects came home this week. It also involved archaelogical digs and cooking. This is the first year we’ve done this particular camp so it was all new to us. In fact, we had never even been in the museum it was held. It lasted 6 hours each day but judging from Tabitha’s reports of all they did, they probably could cut it down to 4 hours. There seemed to be an awful lot of just playing board games. On the other hand, I suppose it can’t be constant activity every minute. I’m used to 2 hour classes and they really are just activity-activity-activity-go home. I guess that isn’t feasible with 6 hours and it’s just a new thing to me. Tabitha really did enjoy it though and said on the first day she plans to go back next year so it was a success!

Thursday I decided Daisy and I needed a break so we came home after dropping Tabitha off. Actually we went to the grocery store which delayed us getting home which kind of set the tone for the rest of the day. The store didn’t have any cucumbers which I found very odd. Then I realized I forgot one important ingredient so I told Daisy we’d go back later. Except when later came she was having none of it and frankly, I had little desire to go either. So we scrapped our original dinner plans and came up with an alternative. Then I attempted to accomplish things like dishes and whatnot except I only managed to mop the floor and build a small piece of furniture.

I had bought a clothing rack for the girls’ dress-up clothes. It only took maybe half an hour to build but then it was a matter of getting all the clothes onto the rack which made it necessary to clean up the girls’ room a bit to do all this. I’m going to have Chris add wheels to the rack, but for now I had to lift it by myself and get it into an awkward spot. Anyway, there were issues and bumps and when it was finally where I wanted it, I stepped back and realized it wasn’t going to work out there at all and had to focus on a new plan which isn’t my favorite. After all this, we had to leave to go get Tabi and then the day really went downhill for me.

My lower back had been hurting all day and then we ran into massive traffic after getting Tabitha. Sitting in the car going nowhere fast had me practically in tears of pain. The traffic was basically Friday traffic even though it was Thursday due to the holiday, and it was horrid. We were trying to get to gymnastics for the girls but eventually I had to make the decision that I wasn’t going to be able to stand for 2 hours during their classes and I didn’t think we’d make it on time any way. Basically both girls told me that was fine because they were too tired. We stopped at the grocery store to put our dinner plans on track and went home to await Chris to start our 3-Day weekend.

So Thursday=bad, but Friday, Chris was home so it was great!

****It’s now Sunday morning and I had started the post yesterday. Let’s see if I can finish it in one shot.*****

Friday morning we dropped Tabitha off for her last day of camp and then, Chris, Daisy and I went to this nursery a friend had told me about. It sits on 7 acres and has every plant imaginable. I’m not a natural gardening person and frankly, don’t enjoy sitting in the sun planting. But I can appreciate the beauty of the flowers and plants and dream that I could do anything with them :) Daisy loves flowers so it was quite entertaining for her. Chris and I went around choosing all the plants that would be great to give the yard a gothic garden feel. We didn’t buy anything though, it was just for fun. We actually are looking for a garden bench though and hoped we might see something, but they really didn’t have that kind of stuff.

After an hour or so we headed out and by then it was time for lunch. Chris had been wanting Chipotle so we headed there and it was good as usual. We then saw a Goodwill as we were drivinig by and decided to stop in. So glad we did as they had tons of albums for Chris to sort through plus I found a couple books including one on my list of books to look for. I think we ended up with 7 albums and 3 books.

*****Sunday night now, let’s see how far I get!*****

After Goodwill we went to a little independent shop that is focused on being environmentally and socially conscious with their wares. Attached to it is a small crafting store that sells handmade goods. Chris fell in love with a bowl that is made from a melted LP and also a box that was made from the album’s cover. He put the bowl to use by putting all the remotes into it. We also bought an eggplant baby for Daisy that is made of organic cotton. Here’s a link to the manufacturer website so you can see what I mean.

Lastly, we went to Mother’s Market which is a natural foods store that we’ve been to once before and loved. We were mainly there to browse, but did end up with roasted nori sheets for Tabi, a pineapple fruit stick for Daisy and Italian veggie sausage for dinner. We defintiely need to go back for more serious shopping.

And that concludes Thursday and Friday and of course, now it’s late Sunday night and we did stuff this weekend. I’ll get to that post tomorrow morning. My goal is to get up early and get back into working out. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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