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you spin me round round

By Tara Zandra | July 1, 2009

Today Daisy and I went to Disneyland while Tabitha was in her class. That kid ran me ragged and I ended up feeling nauseous and like I was still in motion even when I wasn’t. We started off nice and tame with “it’s a small world,” but then it was twice in a row on Thunder Mountain, onto Space Mountain, Gadget’s Go Coaster (small coaster, but still fast), over to California Adventure to ride the Orange Stinger twice in a row (that would be giant swings that not only go in a circle, but it’s tilted so you’re going up and down in the circle), and ending on the Sun Wheel in which we had to ride the swinging gondolas that swung so much, the lady across from me looked like she might need the conveniently provided motion sickness bags.

None of the rides by themselves are really that big of a deal, but strung all together with little food in me and the heat and I was not feeling my best at the end. Daisy, of course, loved it all and was sad we had to leave to pick up her sister. But she was worn out too and fell asleep in the stroller before we ever got to the car.

The three of us came home where I took a much needed shower and then fixed tacos for the family. As soon as Chris got home he ate and then we all headed out back to California Adventure so we could watch the Electrical Parade. We sat with our drinks and snacks and hung out in a nice corner awaiting the fun. The parade was wonderful and what we consider our summer kick-off!

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