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art day

By Tara Zandra | June 30, 2009

Today Daisy and I hung out at two museums. First we went to a Burger King with a play area until the museums opened. I only mention it because it was the largest fast food play area I have ever seen! It was large enough that after playing for half an hour, there were parts Daisy still didn’t get to explore. They even piped children’s music into the play room which I’ve only seen at one other fast food place.

The first museum is a cultural museum. We went into the China exhibit first which had jade carvings, full size carved tusks, lots and lots of vases, pots, and dishes, as well as some terra cotta figures. Daisy made me tell her what each and every single thing was including what it was made of. We then went down a hall that had several Chinese festival outfits including tons of heavy, metal jewelry that was was pretty interesting.

Finally we moved on to Africa. It’s a temporary exhibit and not quite what I expected. It was large sized (as in the size of large posters) photographs that were taken over a 30 year span. Though interesting to me if I had been able to read the plaques in depth, Daisy was more concerned as to why they were painted. She could not have cared less about the nudity, but kept coming back to the body painting and the constant why. She has no point of reference when I tried to explain they were painted for ceremonial rites of passage. At this point her interest was waning, but then we found a California section that pepped her right up again.

We made a stop in the gift shop where I purchased a set of Guatemalan worry dolls for each of the girls. Daisy is completely enamored with them and dutifully told them her worries before bed. Tabitha was worry free this evening, so I asked if I can borrow them for myself tonight.

After a bit of a break for lunch and play, we headed into the children’s museum. This is not one I’ve been to before and it was different. Basically, all the stuff you aren’t allowed to touch in a museum was there for the touching, including instruments and masks and such. Daisy had the most fun in the dress up area which included wooden shoes which fit her like a dream. They were so cute on her that I want to find some online to add to our own dress up area :) After a while it was over run by many loud children so Daisy and I retreated to the reading corner for more than half an hour before it was time to go home with Tabitha.

Now both girls are in bed and now Chris and I get our “Friends” time together.

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