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Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot

By Tara Zandra | July 24, 2006

Our a/c is out. We’re hitting close to 100 degrees every day with 70-something% humidity and our a/c decides to quit working.


We sought refuge at my in-laws’ yesterday. We went there to pick up some extra fans -we only have one- and stayed awhile since Daisy was asleep and there house felt so nice and cool. No one was home though so we were pretty bored. Tabitha read and Chris and I did a crossword puzzle in the paper. Once Daisy awoke we stayed for a bit longer to let her fully wake up and then headed out. We still didn’t feel like being at home so we went to Fry’s Electronics. It’s amazing how many other people had the same idea. The parking lot was packed but we always just head to the back anyway and lucked out that someone was leaving. We spent about an hour just looking around at stuff. We hadn’t been in probably two years so it was fun to browse. Once home we set up the extra fans and I worked on dinner. After we ate we all went into the back yard and the kids played in their water toys while Chris and I sat with our sodas and watched them. Both kids bathed when we came in and then went to bed. Chris and I took turns taking showers and then watched a little TV in the dark before going to be ourselves.

It wasn’t too bad sleeping the fan definitely helped keep us a bit cool. Sadly the house wasn’t any cooler this morning than it was last night. I immediately opened up all the windows and doors to catch any and all air coming through and we have a fan in the living room, dining room and one in our room for when Daisy naps so we’re doing okay. We’ll survive at least and we do have a repairman coming today. I just have visions of it not actually getting fixed today, just a diagnosis but needing to order a part or some such thing. Ideally it will all be done today and we can go back to being cool and comfortable. Because frankly this sucks.

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One Response to “Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot”

  1. JennAnne Says:
    July 24th, 2006 at 9:55 am

    You have my sympathy on the a/c disfunction. Being where we live, we don’t have a/c. and it’s been REALLY hot, even here. Fans do help, as does a wet wash cloth stored in the fridge. And trips to the mall at 2pm. :o )

    Hope the a/c is up and running again soon!!!