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Made it through

By Tara Zandra | June 22, 2009

Chris was in Vegas this weekend with his father and brother to celebrate Father’s Day. Last year the girls and I took a trip because the year before I freaked out while staying alone without Chris. We had originally planned to head out this year too, but dance pictures on Saturday would have meant leaving very late, and dance class later today would have meant being on a time table to come home so we stayed home. The first night I had both kids in my room, Tabitha in bed with me and I simply moved Daisy’s bed to my room. I have two locks on my bedroom door and stayed up late watching a movie (BTW, don’t bother on Bride Wars. It’s not cute, it’s bad. What a waste of five bucks.) so I was good and tired and fell asleep easily. I was just as easily awakened an hour later by Tabitha who was having trouble going back to sleep and was clock-watching which we all know is no way to sleep. She kept me and herself awake a full hour so I still wasn’t well rested. Last night she opted to sleep in her own room which meant I couldn’t lock my door but I was so tired that I didn’t have time to think about anything and knocked right out. I still had Miss Daisy with me because she said wherever I sleep is where she will sleep.

Yesterday during actual Father’s Day, the girls and I got together with my MIL. We figure since everyone abandons us, we’ll go have a girly day. So the four of us got pedicures and then had lunch at Cheesecake Factory. The appetizers were really good but I wasn’t thrilled with my entree. It was a portabello burger which I’ve had at other places before, but this one was just okay and the fries were a tad too salty. I was pretty full from the appetizers anyway and knew I was getting a slice of cheesecake so it’s not that big of a deal. If it had been fabulous, I would have just stuffed myself anyway.

After lunch my MIL suggested we go to Gymboree and she’d buy one outfit for each girl. Goodness knows I’m not turning that down! So we installed Daisy in front of the little tv while Tabitha, myself and my MIL searched through everything. In the end she bought 2! outfits for each girl including a hat for each of them so it’s like I got a gift on Father’s Day, lol. Then she took the girls into another store and bought them each one Webkinz so the girls were pretty darn stoked.

We went back to her house for awhile, the girls drew while my MIL and I chatted a little more and then I just kind of wanted to be home so we said our goodbyes. Once home the girls took turns playing on the computer and eventually I got a light dinner going for us. Since Chris was out of town, we had miso soup with sea weed, curry rice, and watermelon. Chris hates seaweed, curry and all melons so that’s why Tabitha requested all that. Tabitha enjoyed the curry rice, but I didn’t feel I made it right so I didn’t bother keeping the leftovers.

After dinner, Daisy played in the bath and then just played while Tabitha went back to the computer and I did a title for a scrapbook page that needed to be finished. We got Daisy to bed late and then made popcorn and settled in to watch Night at the Museum. I’ve seen it before but Tabitha never wanted to watch. Now she’s decided she wants to see the new one so I got the first one from Netflix for her. It was a nice way to end the evening. She didn’t go to bed until close to 11 though and by then I was exhausted. I stayed up maybe half an hour waiting for her to be asleep and then turned in.

So, I made it through the weekend with no spooky night drama. I think I would still perfer to leave town though if possible.

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